Friday, 9 August 2013

SEO and Web Design for Small Businesses

Web design is currently seen as a big boys game and it costs a serious amount of money to develop and design a website for your smaller business. I would like to be the first to stand up and state that this is simply not the case. And not only this but I am going to breakdown the costs of web design to show you this.

Web Design Costs

Well the first thing we have to look at is the cost to host a website. Depending on whether your or .com it will cost wither 2.95 or 5.95 (+ VAT). Now this cost is for the website company you host with so a better breakdown would be 10 pound or 20 pound. 
We now have website hosting and we have spent 15 pound on average
Next we look at the cost of the website designer. Most web designers get paid around 25 pound an hour. So the web design company needs to make a mark up on this (unless they are a freelance web designer in which case there you go) and the mark up will probably be pretty steep. So lets say 50 pound an hour. If it's a small website it will probably take around 5 hours to build. 

So with hosting and web designers time we are up to 265 pound.
Next we have to look at the overheads for the web design company which is around 10 pound. This will include electric, rent, software, internet etc.
This leaves us at 275 pound for a professional website that will then only cost you 10 - 20 pound a year. Seems pretty good doesn't it. As a lot of small businesses can easily afford this.
Of course there may small extra charges depending on website platform etc.

Can small companies compete with bigger SEO companies?

Of course you can. The things about bigger companies who invest more heavily in SEO than smaller companies is that they generally spread themselves too thin. Let us take a look at mini fridges for example. A mini fridge company will be competing with Argos and Asda. They will be spending tens of thousands of pounds a month on SEO. You will be spending around about 300 pound so how can you keep up? Well Asda and Argos aren't just focusing on mini fridges they have tens of thousands of products and you will be focusing on SEO on just one!
Of course you can compete with the big boys because you know where your strengths lie.

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